Lourdes Honey Plant – Gyomaendrőd, Hungary

“At our company, Lourdes Honey Ltd., not only we, but also our partners know what quality honey means. We produce and package high-quality honey as our knowledge is based on 30 years of beekeeping experience.

As one of the founders of our company, I have been acquainted with all the beauty and hardship of apiculture in the frame of a family business. I have started this activity with eight bee families at the age of 16 and now we own hundreds of them.

In addition to our own raw materials, we also buy honey from all parts of Hungary from our permanent, reliable beekeeping partners. Our aim is to provide real, natural honey to our consumers and partners.
As an expert in this field, we have noticed that there are many products on the market that should not be called honey. However, we only use, buy and process natural high-quality honey, and our products are also free of additives.

The quality of our products is ensured by a two-phase laboratory testing process. Before purchasing honey, we analyze the raw material from the beekeepers at our own, in-house laboratory.
We purchase the honey only if they meet our high-standards. After that, we ask the Intertek Laboratory in Bremen for anticipatory tests. In the second phase, after the homogenization we order Intertek to carry out the final analysis.
We always attach these results to the documentation of each shipment. This way we ensure that our products correspond to the given specifications and parameters, so our consumers can take it for granted that by purchasing our products they acquire the agreed, high-quality honey.”

Antal Bajzák – CEO of Lourdes Honey Ltd.